Natural arthritis treatments and natural anti-inflammatory treatments

Tri Valley Products supplies natural arthritis treatments and anti-inflammatory products for the treatment of humans, dogs, cats & horses.

Tri Valley Products distributes a range of natural arthritis treatments for people and for animals such as dogs, cats and horses that improves the overall quality of life for both.

Our main product ranges of natural arthritis treatments are based on a Marine extract from the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel, harvested from the clean ocean waters of New Zealand, and developed using a unique extraction method. This ensures the highest levels of nutrients are retained throughout the process to the end product. Some of which are GAG's, Mucopolysacchrides, Minerals, Proteins, Omega 3+6 series, ETA's, DHA's, EPA's, giving the user a natural product that is proven with no known side effects.

Quality Assurance

We consider it paramount that the end user knows the origin of their products and what they consist of. Our pledge of quality is that the user can identify a code and batch date on each bottle of Mobicosa®. This means that each bottle can be traced to the exact location of where the Green Lipped™ mussels were grown and harvested, to bring the finest product to the market.

Green Lipped™ mussel farms are regulated by the Ministry of Fisheries to be free from contamination such as heavy metals.

Green Lipped mussel's are grown, harvested and processed solely for Mobicosa®.

Our aim is to provide our natural arthritis treatment product range to as many people and pets as possible at a price that is affordable.

We are on our way to a better more pain free life!

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