Mobicosa Capsules
Mobicosa™ Capsules - To Soothe and Maintain Mobility

Natural arthritis treatment and natural anti-inflammatory treatment

May help reduce the symptoms of:
Arthritis        Sporting Injuries        Joint Problems
Also helps repair damaged cartilage and connective tissues

Mobicosa™ provides a natural alternative and is effective in helping the relief of arthritic conditions sporting and joint injuries. Extensive research and trials have focused on joint suppleness and mobility. Mobicosa™ has shown remarkable improvement people with injuries, and with arthritic symptoms. Mobicosa™, derived from New Zealand Greenlipped™ Mussel, are grown in the clean pristine waters of New Zealand. To ensure the high quality of our product, each batch is tested and confirmed to be free from heavy metals and other micro-organisms. New Zealand Government regulation ensures that our product does not fall below certain standards set by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Certified. All processing is completed in a New Zealand Med. Safe accredited factory, complying with GMP, EU and USFDA standards.

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Do not take if you have a shellfish allergy or if pregnant.
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Rebuilding Joints

A key component in rebuilding cartilage and connective tissues, are Glucosamines and GAG’s (Glycosaminoglycans/Mucopolysaccharides). GAG’s consist of precursors such as Glycosaminoglycans, Chondroitin sulphates which provide the necessary building blocks to rebuild cartilage and connective tissues. GAG’s also contribute to the viscosity formation of synovial fluid, as they are well known for their joint lubrication qualities.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

• A natural analgesic (pain reliever)
• Rich source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 (EFA’s)
• Soothes stiff joints

Inhibition Graph - Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Conducted by University of Medicine, New Zealand. (Refer to abstract data from your medical practitioner)

Other associated benefits:

  • EPA's assist skin conditions, which have been known to support skin permeability, condition and tone.
  • EPA in our product has been known to assist with allopecia, dermatitis and other skin allergies providing a true.
  • DHA is known to assist with the general well being.
  • Mobicosa™ is known to assist with other biologic functions of Eicosanoids such as:
  • Regulation of cell division
  • Regulation of the immune system
  • Control of vascular permeability and blood pressure
  • Gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal motility
  • Renal blood flow and sodium excretion
  • Bronchoconstriction/bronchodilation
  • Regulation of neurotransmission and neuromuscular activity

Other points of interest:
Mobicosa™ does not have any additives and our raw materials are specially processed to enhance the fullgoodness to the end user. They are not purchased on the free market like other products that derive from seafood. The effectiveness of the product could be because of its ingestion qualities as our New Zealand Greenlipped™ mussel extract is not processed from Sea crustaceans of ground down shellfish i.e. crab shell, shark cartilage.

Pack Size: 80 x 500 mg capsules per bottle
Dose Rate: Take 2-3 capsules per day with meals
Loading Dose: Take 4-6 capsules per day with meals for first 10 days

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All Sales in U.S. Currency
All Sales in U.S. Currency
All Sales in U.S. Currency