Mobicosa Gel
Mobicosa™ Gel - To Soothe and Maintain Mobility

Natural arthritis treatment and natural anti-inflammatory treatment

Mobicosa™ Gel is a topical gel especially formulated for joint and muscle complaints. Mobicosa™ Gel contains the active ingredients of New Zealand Greenlipped™ Mussel Oil and a blend of essential oils. Mobicosa™ Gel has high levels of ETA's (Eicosatetrenoic Acid) which is a proven natural anti-inflammatory. Mobicosa™ Gel is a safe natural anti-inflammatory gel, and is a great alternative to NSAID gels.

Use Mobicosa™ Gel for:
Tired and constricted muscles
Sore joints and arthritis relief
Sporting injuries

Mobicosa™ Gel is easy to apply and for most people provides fast acting relief immediately.

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