Technyflex - Horses
Technyflex® Horses
- Natural Arthritis Treatment for Horses

Technyflex® Equine is a natural arthritis treatment for horses that alleviates sore and inflamed joints and arthritic symptoms. It is a natural alternative to NSAIDs.

May help reduce the symptoms of:
Musculo Skeletal Conditions (hock, fetlock, back, knee, neck)
Low Grade Chronic Lameness
Bowed Tendons
Navicular Disease
Queensland Big Head (nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (NSHP)
Queensland Itch/Summer Itch

Technyflex® Equine provides a natural alternate and is effective in many Musculo-skeletal conditions affecting the back, neck hock, fetlock, knee and low-grade chronic lameness. Technyflex® Equine has proven itself well in the eventing arena in NZ with horses being able to move more freely before during and after competition being exposed to all weather conditions.

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