Kas - Australia

After arthroscopic surgery on both knees I have had to take medication for the pain that followed. I had trouble walking up and down stairs, especially down as this put pressure on the knees. Since taking Mobicosa™, which I take 4 capsules a day, I am pain free, my walking ability has greatly improved as well as my well-being.

Vanessa - New Zealand

As a keen runner I decided to try Mobicosa™ to aid sore joints and in particular, an aggravated hip injury. Taking 4 capsules initially, then reducing down to 3 per day, I was impressed with the results as after only a period of 2-3 weeks I noticed a substantial difference in the movement and stability of my hip injury, and can now run pain free. I was also not expecting an added benefit of the product which was noticeably smoother skin, and healthy hair and nails.

Andrea - New Zealand

After a serious motor bike accident I was left with pain and discomfort in my leg and foot. As the injury was several years old, and after a number of operations and long periods of physio I was convinced that unfortunately my discomfort would be permanent. I was told about Mobicosa™ and thought by this stage I had tried everything but would give it a try anyway.
Initially in the first 2 weeks I did not notice a difference and was contemplating stopping taking the product but decided to "give it another week". To my amazement I started to feel an improvement in the pain associated with the accident, and now after being on the product for several months have no pain in my leg or foot. I also noticed that my skin and hair had become far more healthier and would recommend the product just as much for these benefits as well as the mobility benefits.

Reg - Australia

I find that Mobicosa™ has improved the flexibility of my back and reduced the back pain by at least 40%.
When I first started taking it, I also noticed that it gave me a feeling of well being.

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